November 16, 2012
Bad Social Business: Too Many Social Channels


There is always a new social network to join and distribute your content on, but did you know that this can cripple your business objectives? Social media is overwhelming and the added pressure of being on every social channel that pops-up is a rat race (picture that mouse spinning in the wheel).

It’s great to be enthusiastic, but successful brands keep it simple and focus on relevancy. Stick with the social channels that are most relevant to your business — the social networks where you find your competitors and customers.

Take control of your multiple social feeds. In1 enables you to unify your social feeds. If you decide to join a new social network or abandon an existing one, simply remove the feed from in1. Only the content from the channels you select will appear in your in1 unified social feed. By promoting one social endpoint, potential customers don’t have to jump around from place to place to follow your brand.

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